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A short walk from Parque Central in Havanna. She was taking a break from her singing routine. Unaware of the bathroom attendants watchful eyes. I asked if I could take here picture?  She just nodded and kept on looking out through the open window …
It happens in a second.

Suddenly you manage to catch magic…

and the photo comes alive.

It happens in a second

and it happens very rarely.

I have a lifetime of photography behind me,

a lifetime of lugging along my camera equipment,

of preparing,

being attentive,

keeping watch,

waiting and hoping.

And suddenly it is there:

the magic!


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About Binge

With more and 30 years of looking for an visual opening.


In the new gallery we are planning many

new exiting exhibitions and activities.


Office and home consultation
What picture will fit where? We have the knowledge.
Commissioned work
Binge has worked for companies and ad agencies for 30 years.

Special Projects

I have been fortunate to been part of some very special projects.