Elisabet Garcia

Elisabet García Dahlbäck, joint owner of Be Inspired Travel & Living, where she works as a writer, editor and freelancer. Has 25 years’ experience of magazine making with a past as editor-in-chief and feature editor at some of Sweden’ s largest magazines, such as Sköna Hem, Elle Interiör (both magazines on interior decoration) and the travel magazine Allt om Resor, which she started in 1998 for the Bonnier publishing house, as well as the editorial contents of the travel group My Travel’ s site (today Thomas Cook). This material has won several awards, among others as the best travel site and travel destination guides by the Dagens Nyheter, a big Swedish daily newspaper.

Binge Eliasson, joint owner of Be Inspired Travel & Living.  Works as a photographer, (advertising and editorial) photographic consultant and trademark strategist. Has had photo exhibitions in Stockholm and Paris and has given lectures on visual communication to Swedish international corporations and at the University of Art in Pittsburgh. Binge used to run a photo art gallery in Sveavägen, Stockholm where he now has his photo studio. Binge has over the years worked with most of the major companies in Sweden. Taught a photographic workshop in Iceland together with Tema travel .For years been interested in The Art of Attention.

The recipients of the Croatian Golden pen award 2009. Croatia and especially the area around Dubrovnik is one of our favorit destinations. To receive the prize was a great honour.

Dubrovnik harbour Timeless

Hotel Mlini terrace

Water polo Mlini

Summer blues in Dubrovnik

Elisabet och Binge Exploring

On a surf trip to Indonesia we were surfing the famous Scar reef and I got this shot of a friend. It was a great surprise to see it on the cover of a Beach Boys album.

Scandinavian traveller cover 2015

Allt om Resor cover 2/2015

Allt om Resor Cover 6/2015