Binge hanging the pictures after his knee replacement operation.

-Photo Poetry From Dalarna-


Around the small town of St Skedvi a two hour drive north of Stockholm you will find an area famous for its locally produced eco friendly produce and livestock. In the center of it all you will find-Skedvi bröd– the famous Swedish hard bread.  All the photos are taken within a radius of 20 km from St Skedvi. Even the picture frames are locally manufactured and grown. 

For the last 20 years I spent my summer vacation in the nearby tiny village, 9 houses, called Åsen. My camera is always close so when there is an opening in the visual space around me I take a picture. These are some of those pictures.

Photographic Pictures

This exhibition explores when a photo passes that invisible border to become a visual picture. A picture that just feels good to look at without anyone having  to explain the concept behind it. I have been searching for that special moment during my trips around the world.

The moment when it all comes together.

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