Pictures on an exhibition.
Listen to the spaces!
Listen to the people!
Listen to the streets!
Listen to the colors!
Listen to the moments!

Listen to the vertical!

Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling –

Anchor Point Marocco

Yield to the Shadow –

Madrid Spain

Frozen Morning –

Dalarna Sweden

Where the Ocean Begins – Indonesia

Shadow of Past – Gran Canaria Spain

Buen Porte – Malaga Spain

Dotted Fantasy – Sevilla Spain

Incognito –

Malag Spain

Unknown Inspiration – Gran Canaria Spain

The Chauffeur and the Lady – Malaga Spain

Low Tide Reflexion – El Hierro Spain

The Thinker – Umbria Italy

Silhouetted pony tails – Sandakan Borneo Malaysia

Unknown Inspiration – Gran Canaria Spain