A workshop in the art of seeing.

Every day we are flooded by pictures. Too many to count. Some of them we like, some of them we don’t like.

If asked, most people will have an opinion about a photo, but not many know what that opinion is based upon.

One thing is clear, having an opinion about a picture is easy. It is a totally different thing to make a good picture yourself. It is not so hard to learn how to master the necessary tools of the trade to become an OK photographer. That is, to take sharp and perfectly exposed photos.

But it takes a lot of effort to develop your own individual style. This is harder than most people think. Based on my many years of professional experience I have designed a weekend workshop to help you find your own style of creating accomplished and unique photographs.

This workshop is about finding and developing your own style as a photographer.

The course runs for 10 hours over a weekend.              

 Price 2100:-.  The minimum of participants is  2 maximum 8.


These are some of the tools we use.

We learn how to use the viewfinder and see it as an empty canvas that we can fill.

We learn how the human vision works, how we see color and shapes.

We learn about painters that through history have had a big impact on photographers.

We learn how to compose pictures with balance, rhythm and timing.

We learn how to use our own camera to find ”the picture” through different exercises.


Alla kurser och föredrag hålls på svenska om ingen annat sägs.



Inga datum är ännu bestämda så lämna en intresseanmälan så hör vi av oss när det är dags.

Alla kurser är på svenska om inget annat sägs.